About Us

Gaming PC Bundle is a company that specialises in custom-built PCs and laptops. We specialise in high-performance systems for gamers, professionals, and home users.

Our commitment to providing the finest quality products with the greatest service in our business, we believe, is the most important contributor to our continuing success.

  • Our computers and laptops are put through a rigorous stress test to ensure that you get the most stable and high-performing computer or laptop available.
  • Each system is subjected to a quality control checklist to ensure that all components are in working order and that it adheres to our strict criteria.


When you visit our user-friendly website, you’ll notice how we’ve focused our efforts on the customer journey. Our configurator is highly clear and simple to use, allowing our customers to build a computer to their exact specifications.

Working in this manner also means that each PC or laptop we make is specifically designed for its intended function and optimised for optimal performance.

Check/Procedure for Quality Control

Every order is thoroughly inspected using our sophisticated multipoint quality control checklist.

This ensures that every system we develop is consistent and that all orders meet our highest quality standards.

Procedure for Burn-in/Stress Tests

One of the most crucial stages in the manufacturing process.

Over the course of a 24-hour period, our professional technicians complete a specialised set of tests on all PCs and Laptops. These require a lot of computing power and many reboot loops to find any potential flaws or cooling difficulties. Before the system is tested again, any defects discovered are corrected.

Only when all tests have been passed will a system be moved to the next level of production.

Contact Centre

Gaming PC Bundle has highly qualified support staff on standby to give you with the best possible service. We’re here to help, whether you’re an existing client who needs technical support or a new customer who needs advice on your new PC

Warranty Services

For your added security, we offer the option of insuring your purchase against accidental damage, liquid damage, and theft. If something goes wrong, the protection will cover you, and you will be able to get a quick repair or replacement.

Our insurance policies cover theft, accidental damage, breakdown, and liquid damage. With laptops being used throughout the home, it is very easy to spill your drink or knock it off your kitchen worktops, so insurance is highly recommended.

Our warranty options are as follows:

Basic PC Bundle Protection:

Warranty service: 2 years

Parts warranty period: 1 year

Labour warranty period: 2 years

Sliver PC Bundle Protection:

Warranty service: 3 years

Parts warranty period: 1 year

Labour warranty period: 3 years


Gold PC Bundle Protection:

Warranty service: 3 years

Parts warranty period: 2 years

Labour warranty period: 3 years


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