Graphics Cards (GPU)


One of the most key parts of a high-end computer is the graphics card, and selecting the incorrect one for your system may be very costly.

In addition to looking for a graphics card with sufficient RAM, you should also search for a graphics card with a potent GPU (graphics processing unit).

Additionally, you can decide to have two graphics cards installed in your computer. This gives gamers the option of having up to twice the power when using two identical graphics cards, which results in the best possible gaming experience.

Consider the GPU performance, dedicated memory, and whether two graphics cards with lower specifications can outperform a higher model for less money while looking for the best graphics card for your needs!

Visit the manufacturer’s website for further information and specifications to help you determine which graphics card is best for you (and your budget):

Terminology & Ports


High-Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, was created to send digital audio and video signals without being compressed from the transmitter (a graphics card) to the receiver (i.e., a monitor). An HDMI interface is a necessity for any current High-Definition computer since it will give your TV or monitor an unmatched quality digital signal and eliminate the need for additional wires by carrying both the audio and video signals.


A digital connector for a digital monitor is called a DVI (Digital Visual Interface). Users of a graphics card with DVI have the option of connecting a digital monitor directly through the DVI connector or using an adapter to connect a regular VGA monitor.


The first display interface to use packetized data transmission—a type of digital communication also used by Ethernet, USB, and PCI Express—is DisplayPort. The DisplayPort protocol is built on tiny data packets known as micro packets, which may integrate the clock signal inside the data stream and enable better resolutions with fewer pins, in contrast to traditional standards where differential pairs are fixed to transmit a clock signal with each output.

NVIDIA SLI Technology

Professionals and PC enthusiasts are always looking for methods to boost their computers’ performance, and thanks to NVIDIA’s ground-breaking 3D platform technology, they can now.

A breakthrough method of scaling and improved performance is NVIDIA® SLI™ (Scalable Link Interface) technology. NVIDIA SLI makes use of the PCI Express™ bus architecture’s greater bandwidth. Heart-pounding PC performance is delivered by the seamless integration of the NVIDIA SLI technology. For unmatched gaming experiences, NVIDIA SLI can give up to two times the performance of a single GPU system, depending on the application.

You must choose two identical and SLI-capable graphics cards for your system for SLI Technology to work; in other words, you are never allowed to use two separate graphics cards in the same machine. SLI Technology does not work with any ATI graphics cards and is only accessible on specific systems where you have a choice of two graphics cards.

The benefits of SLI technology include:

  • The best gaming experience ever! Power usage during games is up to twice as much!
  • Brilliant for financial services, stock exchanges, etc.; supports up to 4 monitors.

AMD Crossfire Technology

The ultimate multi-GPU performance gaming platform is AMD CrossFire™ technology. AMD CrossFire™ unlocks the game-dominating power of two or more separate graphics cards operating in parallel to significantly boost gaming performance. 1 AMD CrossFire™ technology-ready graphics cards are available for almost any price range. For individuals that require exceptional performance, AMD CrossFire™ technology is the ideal option with the ability to combine two, three, or four GPUs.

Extreme Performance

By combining the sophisticated software algorithms of the AMD Catalyst™ suite with specialised scaling logic in each AMD graphics processor, an AMD CrossFire™ gaming setup can deliver several times the performance of a system with a single graphics card. That’s the kind of performance you can rely on to develop your empire, take the lead, or keep your platoon alive.


View It in Stunning Detail

Leave the best settings and resolutions to the experts. You and your system can view every game exactly as the creator intended: in up to extreme high definition, with razor-sharp clarity and uncompromising detail.

The benefits of Crossfire technology are as follows:

  • The best gaming experience ever! Power usage during games is up to twice as much!
  • Brilliant for financial services, stock exchanges, etc.; supports up to 4 monitors.
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