Memory (RAM)

Memory (RAM) Gaming PC Bundle

RAM (Random Access Memory) is critical to the operation of a computer system. The more RAM your computer has, the more information it can process at the same time. All of your currently running programmes, games, and applications are stored in RAM, so the more RAM you have inside your gaming PC bundle, the more applications you can run.

Memory Brand

Our memory has undergone thorough testing and is backed by a minimum 3-year warranty. The most dependable memory is “original memory,” which refers to original chips on an original board rather than original chips on a third-party board. While many businesses will offer the least expensive memory at the time, we only sell premium memory that has been thoroughly tested to lower the possibility of failure or computer instability.

Since all of our memory is thoroughly tested and guaranteed to function, we regretfully cannot supply a customer-specific brand of memory, regardless of price. As a result, you may be guaranteed that you will receive a direct replacement as soon as an issue arises (We can even send this to you by next-day delivery service rather than having you send the entire system back using the RMA process.)

How can I calculate how much RAM I need?

Applications are becoming more sophisticated as time goes on, which typically indicates that they will need more RAM. We advise you to examine the minimum memory requirements of all the applications you intend to run simultaneously to determine your RAM needs and then double the amount you order.

You can select to have faster memory in a computer in addition to the amount of memory that is available. Faster memory will connect with your CPU more quickly, improving performance even further.

We update our website frequently, so the minimal RAM setting on our configurator will be adequate for moderate usage if you are having trouble determining how much RAM you require.

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